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Unreal Pong by Jessica Digital Arts

This game is just a recreation of Pong I made in order to test my skills.

Use W and S to move the paddle on the right, try to hit the ball so it heads to the computer player's goal, and score a point.

Use Escape or Backspace to exit the game.

This is my first ever project using Unreal Engine, and as such I'd appreciate it if you reported any bugs you find, though I doubt there's many, I mean it's Pong!

I don't expect any money for this, so don't pay me! It'd be stupid if you did since you can find Pong roms just about everywhere for free!


Only works on Windows!

Install instructions

Download the Zip file, extract it, double click UE4_Pong.exe, and you are set.

If something goes wrong, please report the bug!


Unreal Pong.zip 83 MB

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